Thursday, 10 September 2009


Tony Hornecker
Libby Shearon
Cathal O'Brien
Moses Powers
Morgan O'Donovan
Erin Petson
Emma Gibson

Shucks AKA Dan Shearon
Invite image - Rai Royal


‘The power of orange knickers,
Under my petit coat,
The power of listening to what you don’t want me to know’
(Tori Amos)

For the Dalston Super Stores second exhibition, Alex Noble invites a diverse selection of artists to contribute work derived from the concept ‘Dirty Laundry’. Taken from the phrase, artists exhibit there own personal responses to this concept and idea, culminating in a mentally and visually rich show which seeks to explore what it is that fascinates us all so deeply.

You are invited to rummage through our secrets and desires, question with out answers, and revel in subconscious longings and actions eagerly forgotten.

Installations, films, and printed tea towels will be on display, and work will also be hung on a giant washing line, airing the artists ‘Dirty Laundry’ for viewers to witness in cathartic ecstasy!

Artists include: Emma Gibson, Moses Powers, Erin Petson,
Beth Atkins, Tony Hornecker, Ralf Obergfell, Alessandro Bartolomei,
Morgan O’Donovan, Rai Royal, Cathal O’Brian, Libby Shearon, Becky Maynes,
and many more..............


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