Wednesday, 30 June 2010


The murals keep growing here at the Superstore and we've been lucky enough to have three new major talents creating murals for us, all different, all beautiful in their different styles, mediums and cultural inspirations.

SHUCKS ONE took over the downstairs toilets to create images of New York rent boys passed their sell by date.

 MACA YANEZ, is an amazing street artist from Chille and an MA graduate from St.Martins, you can spot her works all around London. She took on the stair well in the bar to create an inspiring tree with hybrid animals, flowers and plants.

The fabulous SOPHIE STEPHENS created an almighty pink cartonn toilet for us full of naughtiness and nudity. She has a huge portfolio of work and credits and I'm sure you will recognise her style and also see a lot more of it soon!

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